There are many benefits of using Google hangouts. This is a product of Google that successfully replaced Google Talk. There are many software applications for webinars and webchats. However, hangout provides you with a lot of utilities in one application. You can use it for text and video messages. Many of the big celebrities also use Google Hangouts.

  Creative Ways of Using Google Hangouts

There are so many ways in which you can use Google Hangouts. It allows you to reach a wide number of audiences. It does not only allow you to do video marketing but also help save costs and improve your business processes. Here are some of the typical ways in which it can benefit.

  Build Brand Stories

There are many companies that are using Google Hangouts to share behind the scene stories with their customers. The idea is to let the customers know the amount of efforts they are putting in. These types of stories help brands build their equity over time and let the customers appreciate things that they don’t know about. So, one of using hangouts is to build brand stories.

  Conduct Webinars

Educational industry, corporate sector and other organizations also use Google Hangouts to conduct webinars. This helps get the information across to the customers without being tech savvy.


Conduct live interviews and share them with others in a very cost effective way. You can also share the interview on YouTube or your website.

  Give Client Demos

Technical products can sometimes be difficult to understand for the customers. In order to make sure that your customers understand the products and services launched by your company, you can create and upload demo videos. The videos can be shared on other social media platforms as well.

  Offer Business Consultation

Many small and medium sized business organizations also hold client meetings which enable customers to get all their questions answered without any issues. Google Hangouts provide an easy one-to-one face time.

  The Advantages of using Google Hangouts Save Money

There are so many different technologies available out there that you can use. However, most of these technologies offer lesser in terms of value. On the other hand when you use Google Hangouts for your tasks, you are able to do a lot of video production at extremely low cost. Maximize your business ROI by spending money on other things instead of expensive collaboration software.

  Offer Content

By using Google Hangouts, you can easily offer content and share it via Google+ and YouTube. This way you can easily enjoy all the free features. Its ease of use ensures that you are able to create and share content on frequent basis. Stay connected with your audience without any problems.

  Increase Connections

An important thing that people often forget is that Hangout provides you an excellent way of increasing your network. You can take care of your customers’ queries and even find potential business partners. You can easily integrate Google Hangouts with Google+, a social media network owned by Google. This provides you an opportunity to grow your reach on Google+.

  Greater Accessibility 

By using Google Hangouts, you are able to reach a wide array of audience. Most of the people in the tech world usually have a Google account. But even if they do not have a Google account, they can be invited as guests. Hangouts work equally well across all platforms and operating systems.  

 Use for Promotions

An advantage of using Google Hangouts is to provide users with the ability to promote their business. They can easily share information, demos, and training with the potential audience. They can also use promotional material specially tailored for Google Hangouts.

  Enable Text Chat Functionality for Events

Imagine that your organization is conducting an event and you want to encourage audience participation. Google Hangout provides you with the option of doing that by allowing the participants to send text chat messages.

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