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Here are 5 top benefits you can get from a professional business e-mail.

1. Build Your Business Credibility
Having a professional e-mail address like [email protected] or [email protected] not only sounds more professional but also adds more credibility to your business. It also sends the signal that you are serious about the business, as your business e-mail address reflects your professionalism.

It also gives an instant recognition to your business, otherwise with those free e-mail services, your clients keep wondering about who you are and many times your e-mails end-up in the spam box.

2. Increase Professional Perception
As it is rightly said that, “First Impression is the last Impression”, the same holds true in the business world as well. Your clients perceive you as what you appear to them in the first instance. And at most times, the first interaction with a client is through an e-mail message.

A professional looking business e-mail address will create a good image of your business and thus create a professional perception among clients.

3. Win Customer Trust
You cannot think to be taken seriously with an anonymous identity. Anybody can get a free e-mail account and you must distinguish yourself from that crowd to be identified as trustworthy.

Getting professional e-mail account for your business is the simplest thing that can gain you immense customer trust, which is the base of a successful business. Creating different e-mail addresses for sales, billing, support, jobs, etc. also gives the look of a diversified and big organization, though you may be a small team.

4. Get Data Security
It is widely known that free e-mail service providers face continuous hacking and malware attacks, in addition to be prone to spamming. They lack the required security measures and thus are not suitable to be used for confidential operations of a business, also you are not in full control of your own e-mail.

But, you get many security features in your professional business e-mail address that protects you from hacking, spamming and malware attacks. You may install the appropriate security plugins and maintain the security of your e-mail system as you like, as you are in full control of it. You can add, change passwords and delete an account at your disposal.

5. Backup & Privacy Protection
The free e-mail services have high chances of getting crashed down, hacked and even get closed without warning. If you are not taking regular backups of your e-mails, this may cost you to lose information of very high importance, giving a big blow to your business. In addition to this, you don’t have full privacy protection with free e-mail services that may lead to losing confidential information.

Professional business e-mail provides solution to this problem. Here, you have to trust nobody else but yourself, and who can better take care of it than you. You get a backup installed with your e-mail hosting company as per the SLA, and be assured of the protection of important data. This will keep your data secure, ever accessible, with full privacy protection in your hands, thus never getting your business interrupted.