Domain is free for 1 year?
Yes. After 1 year you have to pay domain renewal fee with your plan.If you terminate our contract and wants your domain then we will transfer your domain to you.
I already have domain then what i need to do?
You just need to sign in at your domain registrar website and add our domain name servers in your domain.For this we provide support at no cost.



How much time required to deliver service?
Maximum 2 days required to deliver service depends on how fast you will provide websites layout to us.
What is SEO , Google analytics ,Https tools?
SEO: Search engine optimization

In this we will optimize your site according to search engine for this we will take lot of data from you or we will suggest keyword to you for increasing the visibility of your website on search engines.

We submit sitemap of your website to search engines.

Google Analytics: It provides your website visitors counts and more tools to analyze your website performance.

Google listing: We suggest you to register your organisation or store on Google my business.

Https: It indicates secured websites.By default we provide https security to your website in free.   

How much business e-mail accounts i will get?
We provides email accounts with your domain according to your selected websites plan email account limits.

We will provide webmail access platform or also setup your business email account on your existing gmail, outlook accounts.

The e-mail storage for each account is 2 GB.

You can increase your email account storage for this you need to pay extra charges.If you not want to pay extra storage charges then you need to setup your account on Gmail or outlook and use their storage space. we will provide support to you for this.

What is included in digital marketing?
Social media accounts opening,post design. For promoting the page you have to pay the charges to respective social media company.

Social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, You Tube, Instagram etc.

What is included in e-mail marketing?
We provides you the e-mail campaign software or website links according to your subscriber.We design e-mail content for you according to your need.We does not required  your e-mail campaign software or website password.You have to follow the steps provided to you for email marketing.

The various e-mail campaign websites/software’s provides limit of free subscribers you have to follow the limit or pay for their additional service.

Generally we will support you to manage 5000 subscribers free on e-mail campaign websites/software’s.   

You can send bulk emails to your subscriber and track the report of campaign.

You provide control panel access to us?
Yes. We provide control panel access.
You add your company name on our website?
No. We not add our company name on your website
For payment gateway setup you required bank details?
No. we does not required your bank details. You have to follow our payment gateway setup manual for different payment gateways .

We setup paypal, pay u money, paytm etc  payment gateway on your website at no cost.

Payment gateway provider provides secured platform through their websites for performing secured transaction.